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Board Members

John StrangioChair of the Board                             Term expires December 2024



Christine Boyd - Vice Chair                                              Term expires December 2024

Chris (nickname Wick) was elected to the Board in November, 2020, after serving for 4 years as founding Chair of the Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Council (where she still serves). Her goal is to support the ongoing improvement, financing, and fire prevention efforts of the RVCFD, to help meet the increasingly urgent fire and life safety issues in our community.

Chris served for over 32 years in the County of Orange, including 22 years in management positions in the Orange County FIre Authority. There, she worked in budget and administration, emergency management, disaster preparedness, and hazardous materials. By the time of her retirement, Chris was Deputy Fire Marshal managing 25 staff responsible for annual inspections, code enforcement, fee programs, and environmental management programs. She represented the fire service in the State-wide Certified Unified Program Agency haz mat regulatory program, developed and monitored legislation, taught supervision and leadership courses, and oversaw management of the County Emergency Operations Center.

James Tuso -    Director                                                         Term expires December 2024



Stephanie Dunken -    Director                                         Term expires December 2026



Tony Howard -     Director                                                   Term expires December 2026

Tony started employment with CAL FIRE in the Mendocino Unit in 1992 as a seasonal firefighter at Laytonville Station. He was promoted to Limited Term Engineer in 1998 and then to Permanant Engineer in 1999. In 2002 he was promoted to Fire Captain working at: Parlin Fork Camp, Howard Forest Station, Howard Forest Helitack and Boonville Station. In 2009 Tony was promoted to Battalion Chief of Training in Mendocino Unit. In 2012 he transferred to Battalion 1114 (Laytonville-Leggett Field Battalion Chief). In 2018 Tony transferred to Sacramento and finished his career as a Battalion Chief in Employee Support Services. He retired from CAL FIRE in 2022. 

He spent 13 years as a volunteer fire fighter with the Long Valley Fire Protection District and spent 5 years on a CAL FIRE IMT working in the Logistics Section. 

 Throughout Tony’s fire service career, he has learned the benefits of teamwork, peer support, and stress management. He has experienced both success and failure. However, by working with a group of exceptionally talented people, regardless of rank, he has enjoyed a successful and fulfilling career.   

Tony has two grown sons. He currently lives in Mendocino County with his wife and animals. His hobbies are playing golf, working at home or at his family cabin in Tahoe, working on, driving classic cars, and traveling.