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May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck

Chief/Officer Patrol/Rescue

The Fire Chief of Redwood Valley drives C6200 and he responds to all types of emergencies for any size of incident.

The duty officers utilize Patrol 6261 when responding to incidents.

Rescue 6230 is one of the most specialized pieces of equipment that we have in our fleet.  It has a 250 gallon water tank which can be used on traffic collisions and it carries a variety of tools for rope rescues and traffic accidents plus multiple types of medical supplies.

May contain: truck, vehicle, and transportation

Type 1 Engines - Structural

Type 1 fire engines are primarily used for structure fires. Engine 6283 holds 750 gallons of water and can respond to traffic accidents too.  Engine 6288 has a capacity of 700 gallons of water and is our second out type 1 engine when we have a structure fire.

The structure engines are also used during wildland fire season for major incidents, if more support is needed.

May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck

Type 3 Engines - Wildland

Engines 6265, 6270 and 6271 are the three wildland engines for RVCFD. Each has a capacity of 500 gallons and all can respond to a wildland fire but you may also see them on a structural fire, medical aid or traffic collision.

Engine 6265 has 4x4 capabilities and is much smaller than the other engines which makes it a great rig for our valley which has many small, narrow and steep roads.

Engine 6270 and 6271 are 2 wheel drive engines but are just as capable as Engine 6265.

May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck

Water Tenders

Redwood Valley-Calpella Fire has two water tenders, 6290 and 6291. Each holds 2000 gallons of water.

The water tenders are an integral part of the department responding year round to every type of fire. They are great resources that we rely on, especially when we do not have fire hydrants nearby and need a lot of water fast.

May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck

Utility & Support

We use Utility 6245 for transporting additional personnel, extra hose, and transporting tools back to the station after various incidents.

Support 6242 is used for incidents when we need extra air for our self contained breathing apparatus.

They are both key parts of our department that we rely on tremendously.

May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, wheel, and machine


We would like to thank Angel Davies for her outstanding photography of our apparatus and station - thank you Angel!